Mark Bowden: Lying

In today’s show, we interview Mark Bowden, body language key-note speaker, and bestselling author.  

As a body language expert, Mark is adept at determining if a person is lying or telling the truth – which brings us to the moot question. Is it really bad to lie?  

Is it really advisable to be brutally honest in all situations? Mark goes on to share why, to be socially adept, it is important to lie sometimes. 

Whether it is political leaders “lying” to assuage the public in times of a grave crisis or parents attempting to shelter their children from harsh realities, sometimes it is necessary to tell a good “lie”. Aren’t you better off telling a lie if someone is simply incapable of hearing the truth? 

From Winston Churchill’s war speeches to the current handling of the coronavirus situation, the above fact has been corroborated time and again.  

Listeners will learn that telling a good lie, is, in fact, incredibly difficult and one of the hallmarks of truly great leaders. While telling a good lie requires wisdom and foresight, accepting this requires a certain amount of maturity as well. 

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Is it okay to lie sometimes? 
  • How being brutally honest can get you in trouble 
  • Why a good leader needs to know how to tell a good lie 
  • How to weigh the pros and cons, and determine if it is worthwhile telling a good lie 
  • And much more! 


“Lying is one of our most important social skills. And so is truth. The key is to when to do one and when to do the other in order to be socially adept”. 

“The socially adept are able to accept the lie as well as the truth”. 

“The worst lies are the ones that are told in a religious context”. 

“There are people who are not able to lie and they will need a lot of care around them”. 

“You never let fact get in the way of a great story or great entertainment” 


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