Chris Ducker: Productivity

In today’s show,  we interview Chris Ducker, founder, Youpreneur and author, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business

As “work-from-home” becomes the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, all of us are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. While it is natural to feel stress and overwhelm in these trying times, Chris shares some simple yet effective measures which can help you boost your productivity and protect your business. 

Particularly, listeners will learn how they can avoid some of the most common time sucks as they adjust to a work-from-home lifestyle. Topics discussed in this segment of the show include time blocking and chasing progress over perfection. 

Chris shares his example and reveals how he is functioning in “maintenance-mode” right now so that he is well-placed to grow his business once this current crisis subsides.  So, what are some productive ways of utilizing this downtime? Should you get virtual assistance so that you can better concentrate on your core competencies? 

We wrap up this show with Chris revealing why “less is more” when it comes to productivity. We hope you enjoy this show! 

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How to amplify your brand and business in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak 
  • Does technology amplify or hinder productivity? 
  • Hacks to sustain your productivity while on the road 
  • When are the right time to find help and delegate tasks? 
  • Chris Ducker’s Top Productivity Tip 
  • And much more! 


“If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done”.

“Social media can be a ridiculous time suck if you are not careful” 

“Why work on the things that you are weak at? Delegate all of that”. 

“Anyone with an online reputation is a personal brand”. 

“The legacy and impact have come to be as a natural by-product of focusing on sales & marketing and personal development”. 


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